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Roos van Leary

Personal Reflection

With these 3 tests you realy get quite a good view of what kind of person I am. Although I might not say that all of them are 100% true. There are quite a few things that are true though. I am for a fact not that stress-resistant as I become very over-active whenever I have some kind of deadline that I’m worrying about. 

As for the 16-personalities test, I can confim that I am a very hard commander. If I’m not in the lead pushing the team forward, I feel like I’m not doing my job properly. I need responsibility or no good will come of it. 

And lastly the Entre-Spiegel test. The test which tells you your strenghts and weaknesses on the business side of things. One thing you might immediately notice is the fact that I’m very decisive, but this is simply not true. Whenever I have to take a dicision by myself, for let’s say buying a new guitar (as I’m doing around this time), I have the hardest of times actually deciding what I’m going to buy. I ask around for dozens of opinions and even after that I still have troubles. So one might say that this test isn’t the most accurate. Although the other parts are pretty accurate as far as I’m concerned.