Start Me Up Fest @ Bar-Salona

My first networking event was a small event in a bar in Kortrijk. There were a lot of local startups and students who exchanged ideas and thoughts about starting up a business. 

At this event we recieved a business card from someone. On this card was the e-mail of one of her colleagues: Hannes Careel, who is working in the same sector as our SBP. 

Spark Social Enterprise Day

This was a very good and informative event. Even though it wasn’t the greatest event for enlarging our network. 

First we got a little introduction and some information about how the days was going to develop. Then we got some great lectures from some top experts in the social enterprise world. There were people from the university of Brighton, Stadsgarage Haarlem and other social enteprises. 

Then lastly we attended a little session about understanding social enterprises. Here we got to discuss different topics with the experts. This was very informative and helpfull for our SBP.

Sadly we did not really get to network during this event, but due to it’s informative power we still think this was a great event to attend.


My third and final networking event was the bedrijvencontactendag at the EXPO in Kortrijk. I again went together with my Small Business Project team to further develop our fictional business and broaden our network. This event was all about entrepreneurs in West-Flanders, so we could really meet local business who could help us with certain aspects of our Small Business Project. Our main priority was to look for people who could help us prototype our app. Sadly enough there weren’t any real app developers at this event but we did find some other potential entrepreneurs and business who might be willing to help us. We received business cards from a handfull of people and got a lot of valuable information. A great event with lots of interesting information that is free for the taking.

My take on networking in the first semester

To be brutaly honest I am not too happy with the way my networking adventure has gone these first few months. During the first events we maybe were a little “shy” and we did not speak to as many people as we would have liked. And during the second event it wasn’t easy to network because the event was pretty jam-packed with workshops and lectures. 

But thanks to our dream coach, Adrien Willems, we will get to know some new people very soon. He is contacting people who might be able to help us during our SBP journey.

In the future… I hope that I can get over that social “barrier” and start building that huge network which I am longing to create.