Personal Challenge 1

For my first personal challenge I researched some principles from the world of Network Economics and tried to compare them to my own life. These principles included things like: teamwork, networking, research and entrepreneurship. I tried to include things from my personal life aswell as things I’ve done at school. Some interesting insights came up whilst doing this challenge allthough I feel like I could’ve taken this assignment a lot further. There were a lot of unopened doors that I could have pulled the trigger on, but for some reason I decided no too. I’m quite dissapointed now because I think I could have really hit the ball out of the park with this assignment.

Personal Challenge 2

For my second challenge I went a bit deeper into one of my hobby’s. During our first week at school we made the 16 personalities test. This test gives you a summary of what your personality is. I thought it could be a good idea to let the members of my airsoft team fill out this test. I then compared the results to their real life beheviour and how this personality type adds to the team cohesion. All in all I think this was my best challenge so far. It really combined my hobby with my studies on a very intrecate level. It also brought up some interesting thoughts about how I could maybe increase the team cohesion by taking these results into account during a day of airsofting

Personal Challenge 3

My third challenge was all about david vs goliath. I compared a small business to a big international. I went over aspects like: the sector, way of earning money, organisational form, legal form, product range. I took a look at both advantages and disadvantages of both business forms and how they have to adapt in all these aspects. I concluded the assignment with a view at their impact on society. This assignment helped give me some insights as I’m planning to start my own small business when I’m done with my studies. I think this assignment can really help me in the future while planning out my businessplan.

Personal Challenge 4

As my fourth challenge I went the say of knowledge. I tried to dig a bit deeper into the world of AI, more specific: Deep Learning. I gathered a number of good websites and articles about the subject and gave them all a good read-through. I then summarized the information I gathered in a neat document which should be ready for anyone without knowledge on the subject. This way they don’t have to search for websites or articles.

During my search I learned a lot about both machine learning and deep learning and how they can be utilised. Aswell as how these AI’s are buildt from the ground up, or constructed with parts from other AI’s. 

All in all I think this was a great way to expand my knowledge about AI and deep learning.